Anthony Tata: Former Secretary of Transportation

Anthony Tata served as the Secretary of Transportation for the state of North Carolina from 2013 to 2015 before making an exciting transition to a leadership position with USA Investco. Tata is a former US Army General and a dedicated public servant, so he was a natural choice for Secretary of Transportation. While in this position, he managed over 12,000 employees in the organisation, as well as a budget of $4.5 billion. He was responsible for overseeing the state’s highway system, airports, public transit systems, ferries, and even public walking and bike paths. As North Carolina is a very populous and quickly growing state, this was no easy feat, but Tata got the job done.

Tata was in charge of many important projects during his time as Secretary of Transportation. For example, he led the agreement and construction plan of the Bonner Bridge, which connects to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Tata says, “I made a commitment to the Outer Banks that I would not leave office until I secured the bridge deal.” He also oversaw changed to I-40 and I-440 to make them more driver friendly, something that is very important given North Carolina’s recent influx of people and higher volumes of traffic.

Managing transportation is very important for the success of any society. As our cities become more populous, it is essential that we make our roads efficient and easy to use, as well as providing public transit options in and between major metro areas to help people travel affordably. Anthony Tata is a great example of successful transportation management.