Anthony Tata Sharpens Critical Thinking Skills at SAMS

As a graduate of the U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies graduate school, Anthony Tata dealt with peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations in the conflicts of Bosnia, Haiti and Somalia. The Global War on Terror has called upon SAMS graduates to plan and strategize military operations. The United States Air Force’s School of Advanced Air and Space Studies and the United States Marine Corp’s School of Advanced Warfighting were created along the same lines as the SAMS goals. SAMS students like Tata worked as planners in the invasion of Iraq preparations and in post-combat occupation strategies. Regarded today as game-changers in land warfare, Army leaders prize SAMS graduates for their critical thinking skills. It has been said that the School of Advanced Military Studies is “at the forefront of the effort to remake strategic military planning for the 21st century”.

Anthony Tata

To enter the School of Advanced Military Studies, Anthony Tata took an examination, went through an interview and was assessed by a supervisor. He also completed the United States Army’s Command and General Staff School, or an equivalent education course offered through another branch of the service. The students at SAMS are largely U.S. Army field grade officers who come to their studies from combat duties. However, the Air Force, Navy and Marines, as well as the Department of State, the FBI and the Agency for International Development have successful graduates from the school. Of late, the School has been attended by students from around the world, including graduates from Norway, Republic of Macedonia and the Netherlands.