Anthony Tata – 10 Rules Of Writing a Novel

Anthony Tata is an accomplished writer with five published novels to his name, including Foreign and Domestic which quickly climbed the lists, becoming a best-seller. While the writing process can be entirely different for many, there are certain universal rules that apply to every writer.

1. Never celebrate your skills, let them shine through your work.

2. There is no such thing as a writer’s block, there are reasons for your procrastination, figure them out.

3. Don’t try to create a masterpiece at the first try. Instead write about anything that comes to mind.

4. Money should never be the primary reason why you write. If you love what you do and you practice it enough, you will get better at it, then money will come.

5. The first line of your novel is very important, but not just for the reader, but you as well. You have to invite your own imagination in, you have to be eager to find out how your story develops and ultimately ends.

6. Realize that it is very unlikely that you will win awards. Write to fulfill your own sense of wonder, not to become accomplished.

7. The first draft should always be looked upon as the beginning of a journey.

8. Sometimes finding the words you don’t want to use is just as important.

9. Stay away from adverbs.

10. Give it everything you got.

With at least two more books coming in the Jake Mahegan series, Anthony Tata has a goal to expand his already prominent audience.