Anthony Tata – The Crucial Role Transport Plays in Economic Development

Anthony Tata is the former Secretary of Transportation of North Carolina, and has a strong opinion about the importance of efficient transportation. During his years in the Governor’s cabinet, he led an organisation that had as many as 12.000 employees and a yearly $4.5 billion budget.

When you are responsible for the conditions of the nation’s second most prominent highway network adding up to 88.000 miles, you are confronted with the amplitude of the situation on a daily basis. But why does transportation and economy have such a strong correlation between them? The answer of course can be found between the intricate relationship of producers and consumers.

What makes economy go around is the often vulnerable transaction that allows the customers to find their product at convenient places. This is where network effect comes into the picture. When transportation is at its most efficient, it means that it can link various locations together, making the whole system better in the process.

When that system works better, economy usually isn’t far behind. The result is improved reliability which is ideal for every component of the system. Without the negative effects that insufficient transportation would cause, economic drag decreases as well. Anthony Tata spent successful years as the leader of an organization that was responsible for North Carolina’s transportation system.Making a system that includes ferry boats, airports, transit system, railroads and bicycle, as well as pedestrian routes to work effortlessly is not an easy task, but when it’s achieved, everybody will benefit from it.