Anthony Tata – Wrestling Builds Character

Anthony Tata is a former wrestling state finalist who earned a 4th place in the 126 lb. class during the 70’s. As a successful youth athlete, he learned the value of physical challenges. He is still an avid follower of the sport who likes to watch the biggest events like the Olympics, whenever his busy schedule allows him.

Wrestling epitomizes certain values both in the physical and spiritual sense. The sport encompasses a unique combination of extreme competitiveness and sportsmanship, a combination that you arguably cannot find anywhere else in the sports world. It’s straightforward and clear, the goal is to overwhelm your opponent through skill, speed and power.

Those who can bring the best combination of these three qualities usually end up victorious. What makes this sport so great in America at the amateur level is competition. Every school has a talented wrestler (or two) who has potential to do something. The more someone competes, the higher the chances of someone eventually humbling them will be.

Anthony Tata got humbled several times. His experiences on the mat weren’t always glorious, yet he still learned something valuable that is arguably far more important than a mere victory could ever be. He learned how to get up, dust himself off and look ahead. Because if there is one thing wrestling teaches you regardless of how long you have been doing the sport, is how to get up. And that message rings as true on the mat, as it does in any other segments of life.