Anthony Tata – The Essence of West Point

As a former graduate and army veteran, Anthony Tata has valuable inside knowledge on the subject of West Point. He not only knows what makes the institute so great but thanks to his time as a superintendent in Wake County, he has valuable knowledge about the inner workings of such establishments, knowing exactly what it takes to run them successfully.

Anthony Tata

The essence of West Point goes beyond national pride and camaraderie. Those are extremely important qualities, yes, but without the right system in place the cadets’ fate would be left to chance. At West Point everything is part of a bigger plan. With a structure that puts equal value on academic success, physical prowess and character, the school creates leaders.

The cadets who graduate from this fine establishment earn a first class education while simultaneously opening up many possibilities for their professional future. Those who graduate from the United States Military Academy can look forward to various career opportunities, not just in the field of military but anywhere else. Company leaders – in any field, really – will always be interested in these people.

The leadership qualities these cadets develop during their time at West Point accompanies them for the rest of their lives, the same way as it did with Anthony Tata who took full advantage of the education he received at West Point. He managed to build an illustrious and highly versatile career that brought him success not just on the military field and in the force, but in the civil field as well.