Anthony Tata – How to Prepare for a Media Appearance

Anthony Tata spent 28-years in the military before retiring as a US Army Brigadier General. His extensive experience has thrust him into the spotlight as a guest commentator on several news programs. Before every television appearance, there are several things that should be done to make the most out of your time. Here are some things you should be doing before every media appearance.

  • You need to have your talking points memorized. While you can bring notes on set, you will come off more experienced if you can recite your talking points from memory.
  • The more you practice your presentation, the better off you’ll be.
  • Be prepared to nail the pre-interview. Before you make your appearance, the producer of the program will take you through the process in order to judge your entertainment value.
  • Bring your friends with you. This will allow you to practice your opening sound bite.
  • Measure the cost of your appearance with the benefits you’ll receive. You don’t want to agree to an appearance If you can’t advance your agenda.
  • After your appearance, ask the producers about your performance. Ask for their honest feedback and take what you learn to improve yourself for your next appearance.
  • Make sure your appearance is being promoted. You can use your clips through social media and spread your agenda further.

Mass televised media has become the way to deliver information to a large audience. Mr. Anthony Tata has been using his military experience to comment on foreign policy, military action, and domestic politics.