Anthony Tata – Tips for Writing Better Characters

As a creative writer, Anthony Tata knows how important creating good characters is to create a book that captures readers’ attention. While the plot of the book is important, good characters can make or break your story. To help you create characters that speak to your audience, you need to know who they are and explore who they are beyond themselves. This can be accomplished in the following ways.

  • One of the clearest and easiest ways to develop your characters’ relationships is through introspection. You need to make them think about the bonds that they have with the other characters in your story. This can be done by making them challenge their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Give your characters’ flaws. A majority of your story’s power will come from the feelings your characters have toward others, both for and against them.
  • Make one character risk or sacrifice something for another character. Grab your reader’s attention by making your characters willing to die for another.
  • When in a group, people behave differently. Group dynamics can deepen your characters. It is important to remember that relationships and alliances are ever changing in groups.

Taking the time to think about the relationships between your characters will help you see opportunities to develop your characters further than you ever thought possible. The relationships between your characters reveal the various roles they play. Anthony Tata, a bestselling author, has created compelling characters in his Jake Mahegan Thriller series.