Anthony Tata – How to Find Inspiration as a Writer

Writers know the importance of inspiration to the writing process. For Anthony Tata, retired US Army Brigadier General turned best-selling author has used his 28-year military career as inspiration for his bestselling novel, ‘Foreign and Domestic.’ When you find the inspiration you consider your project easier to write. If you’re looking for ways to spark your inspiration here are some effective ways to get your creativity flowing.

  • Listen to music – a single song can help you better concentrate and start working, where another song can help you relax. Find the kind of music that inspires you and turn it on to get the inspiration you need.
  • Meditate – If you aren’t having any luck finding inspiration, try to relax and think of nothing. Taking time to meditate may help your inspiration and provide you with new ideas unexpectedly.
  • Listen to others – a common phrase spoken by someone that isn’t a writer might just spark a number of fresh new ideas.
  • Exercise – exercising not only strengthens your body, but it also can liberate your brain. Other physical benefits of exercising are a more patience, a stronger sense of purpose, and better willpower.
  • Create a treasure chest – Gather all your ideas, impressions, and feelings. When you are running low on inspiration having a “chest” of ideas can be helpful when you find yourself without inspiration.

If you try these methods and are still struggling to find inspiration, just begin writing, your muse will make an appearance at some point. Anthony Tata is getting ready to release ‘Three Minutes to Midnight,’ the second book in his Jake Mahegan series.