Anthony Tata – Tips For Novice Authors

A.J. “Anthony” Tata is an accomplished author who has released six books in both the ‘Threat’ and Jake Mahegan series. Having only started his career in 2009, having previously worked as an Army General and in a number of leadership roles elsewhere, he understands the difficulties that many new writers face when they try to start a book, so he offers the following advice for those who are struggling.

Introduce Characters Gradually

During the course of life, you will only come to understand the people that you meet by spending time with them over an extended period. You should consider this when writing your characters. By introducing everything there is to know about a character early on, you give the reader little reason to stay invested in the character and leave yourself little room for development.

Avoid Redrafting

It can often be tempting to start redrafting your book as you go, but it is best left until you have actually completed the story. Redrafting while you write may lead to you becoming bogged down in minutia and losing sight of the bigger picture you are creating with the novel. Get the story down on paper first and then work on making improvements.

First, Second of Third-Person

Before you start writing your book, Anthony Tata feels it is important that you decide if you are going to write in first, second or third-person. Once you have made the choice, make sure that you stick to it throughout, as sudden changes will provide jarring to the reader.